Science Happy Hour at LESGC: "Naked DNA in Seawater"

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May 17
Hosted by:BioBus
May 17, 2017 at 6:30pm to
BioBase @ Lower Eastside Girls Club map 402 East 8th Street, corner of Avenue D New York, NY 10009
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BioBus Science Happy Hour at the Lower Eastside Girls Club 
"Naked DNA in Seawater"

Speaker: Jesse Ausubel

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

402 E. 8th St. (at Ave D).

6:30pm Welcome Reception  
7:00pm Talk by Jesse Ausubel
7:30pm Tour of the BioBase

Naked DNA in Seawater
Jesse Ausubel will introduce us to the 
eDNA in our seawater! Loose or extracellular DNA (eDNA) abounds in natural water, salt and fresh. It may be shed like dandruff and result from the break-up of cells. The presence of many aquatic animals can be reliably detected by analyzing water samples for the presence of species-specific DNA fragments. Emerging eDNA technology could add to or take the place of traditional monitoring methods, many of which can be time- consuming,  expensive,  and destructive. As reference libraries of DNA grow, eDNA could become a top way to understand the status of marine life. You have already gulped some of it while swimming.

Jesse Ausubel has helped design and conduct several major international research programs, including the Census of Marine; Barcode of Life initiative to develop short DNA identifiers for animals, plants, and mushrooms; and Encyclopedia of Life to create a web page for every species.  His awards include the International Cosmos Prize, National Ocean Champion Award, and Blue Frontier Prize.
A deepwater lobster, Dinochelus 
Ausubeli, is named in his honor.

Science Happy Hours are public events for all ages. Children accompanied by adults are welcome. Photo and/or video recording may be taken. If you prefer not to be included in any recording, please just let us know. 

Registration is free; donations are greatly appreciated. 

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